Recycling IT for wildlife

Ladybird on fungi - Paul HobsonLady bird on fungi - Paul Hobson

Save more than just money with our new IT recycling Scheme!

We have teamed up with Absolute Networks for a ground breaking recycling scheme. This scheme - recycling IT for wildlife – is a way for local companies to legally, safely and ethically dispose of unwanted IT waste free of charge.

Free IT Recycling for the Wildlife Trust

Your IT Equipment is collected and recycled/disposed of as a free service providing that the collection comprises of a minimum of 20 items of IT equipment within a 30 mile radius of Derbyshire and 50 items of IT equipment in other areas of the UK.

The majority of the IT equipment offered for collection under this scheme must be in working condition. In addition a significant part of the collection should have a resale value which will generate income for the Wildlife Trust.

Free Recycling Service Includes:-
• Adherence to the WEEE directive and Hazardous Waste Regulations
• Ethical & Environmentally friendly methods of computer recycling
• Duty of Care/Hazardous Waste paperwork provided
• Data Cleansing
• Collections made using our own, tracked vehicles and fully trained staff
• Secure and confidential service delivered by SC cleared Technicians

In order to reduce both our costs and our carbon footprint, part loads will be collected when we have other booked collections in your area.

How much can you raise?

Our first collection from a supportive company has raised £1600 for local wildlife.

For more information or to arrange a collection, please visit the Recycling IT for Wildlife website or call 0845 481 2658.