Meet a Volunteer

Find out what it's like to be a volunteer first hand

Bryony, Monitoring & Research: I learn a lot whilst I’m volunteering: about how we monitor wildlife; manage the environment in its best interests and lots of information about the wildlife itself. I meet all sorts of knowledgeable people whilst volunteering and they’ve taught me a lot about the species I’ve encountered.

Callum, Great Fen Volunteer Ranger: I had always loved Woodwalton Fen, so at the age of 14, mum, dad and I started to look around for any volunteer work in the area. That's when we happened upon the Great Fen, and the straw-bale bird hide that was being built at New Decoy Farm. Dad and I booked a day off work/school as soon as we could, and got stuck in with the building work!

Paula, Great Fen Volunteer: I enjoy volunteering as I get to meet a lot of like-minded people. But what is really invaluable to me is to work alongside people who are very knowledgeable that can pass this on to me. I can in turn pass this on to others, and hopefully engage people to be inspired by wildlife!”

Kevin, Monitoring Volunteer: As pressure grows on the countryside for food, housing, travel, business etc nature is getting a hard deal and needs a helping hand. In my small way I feel as though I am giving something back because the data and information I generate can help the Wildlife Trust in its reserve management and more widely in its work.”

Jamie, Bedfordshire Volunteer Officer: Getting the Volunteer Reserves Officer position with the Wildlife Trust in Bedfordshire is one of the best things I've done. I want to work in the conservation sector as a Reserves Officer, and this was my opportunity to get training and experience to put towards job applications. 

Robin, Office Volunteer: I realise that Blow's Down nature reserve has a particular resonance with me because of my childhood memories but I recommend a visit to this reserve to all our members.

Rupert, Volunteer Warden: The first thing is to go to a Trust event and meet people and get an idea of the atmosphere. I’ve been inspired by meeting local conservationist Ioan Thomas and he’s taught me an enormous amount.

Susan, Volunteer Watch Leader: You know that feeling when you’ve taken something as far as you can, and it’s time for someone else to take over? I’ve never got to that part! Maybe I’ve never really grown up!