Our staff in Bedfordshire

Our Bedfordshire team look after the reserves in the county and help other people, such as landowners and local councils, to protect wildlife.

Most of our staff in the county are based at Priory Country Park, east of Bedford town centre. Others are based at our Toddington office in the south of the county.

Priory Country Park
Barkers Lane
Bedford MK41 9DJ

Tel: 01234 364213
Biological Records Centre Tel: 01234 355435

Email the Bedfordshire team on bedfordshire@wildlifebcn.org
Email the Biological Records Centre at brmc@bedsbionet.org.uk
Or to email members of staff directly firstname.surname@wildlifebcn.org

Administration and Projects Officer: Rachel Broomfield - 01234 362778



Conservation team

The conservation team work with local authorities and other partners to protect wildlife from the impact of planning and development. They advise owners of sites that are important for wildlife how to manage their land even better for wildlife.
Conservation Manager: John Comont - 01234 362774
Living Landscapes Manager: Laura Downton - 01234 362776
Conservation Officer: Katharine Banham - 01234 362775
Conservation Officer: Lewis Dickinson - 01234 362774
Monitoring and Research Officer: Gwen Hitchcock - 01525 874317

Reserves team

The reserves team manage our nature reserves in Bedfordshire to improve them for wildlife and people. Please see Toddington office for contact details of reserves staff based there.
Senior Reserves Manager: Nancy Reed - 01234 362771
Reserves Manager: Andy Fleckney - 01234 362772
Reserves Officer: Richard Knock - 01525 874317
Livestock Officer: Matthew Johnson - 01234 364213

Biological Records Centre 

The main source of natural history and protected species information for Bedfordshire the centre works with a wide range of organisations, individuals and government bodies including the Wildlife Trust.
Biological Records Centre Manager: Jackie Ullyett - 01234 362777
Biodiversity Network Officer: Jennie Mitchell - 01234 355435

To find out more about the centre's work see our Local Environmental Records centre page and the Bedfordshire Biological Records Centre website

Toddington office

Unit 2
St Johns Barn
Griffin Farm
Conger Lane

Reserves Officer: Esther Clarke - 01525 874317
Education and Community Officer: Sarah Cowling - 01525 874317
Email the Toddington team on toddington@wildlifebcn.org