30 Days Wild

Can you do something wild everyday for a month?

Across the UK in June people are doing 'random acts of wildness' to celebrate nature, from listening to birdsong and planting flowers in their gardens to exploring ancient woodlands and insect spotting in wildflower meadows.

This is a very open challenge. All you need to do is have an experience with nature (a random act of wildness) everyday for a month. It's up to you what you do but if you'd like some ideas why not download our app for free.

You can also sign up to get our free pack with a wall chart, stickers and suggestions for random acts of wildness.

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The three counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire are wonderful places to experience nature. Why not explore some of our nature reserves or join one of our events.

Share your experiences online via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the #30DaysWild hashtag. 

Our top five ideas for random acts of wildness:

Visit your local nature reserve

Listen to the dawn chorus 

Climb a tree

Keep a record of garden wildlife (and send it to your local records centre)

Watch the sunrise or sunset