Yarwell Dingle and Pond

A secluded spring-fed pond and a small island in an attractive part of the Nene Valley


A static map of Yarwell Dingle and Pond

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Level ground although rough grassland; stiles


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Open at all times

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April to June, July to September

About the reserve

This reserve is two separate tiny areas - the pond is further south while the Dingle is a small patch of scrub and rough grassland on an island between the old and new courses of the River Nene.
The Dingle's scrub and grassy areas in between provide a sunspot for dragonflies and butterflies. The scrub may provide a useful lying up site for otters, which are now known to be present throughout this stretch of the Nene.
The map below is for indication purposes only and does not show the Wildlife Trusts definitive land boundary.

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